Heroes of Mana Button Hack for Lefty


This hack is for Left-handed who uses stylus with left hand and annoyed that had to use the same hand for D-PAD just to scroll the screen.


The hack makes the D-PAD and X,Y,A,B button swap its Button Mapping. It will now use the XYAB button to scroll the screen while the D-PAD for function that the ABXY button had before.


For use with ROM

Action Replay Code

52045FC8 E1D1C0B0
E2000300 0000007C
E1D1C0B0 E1D030B0
E1A0000C E38000F3
E20C1001 E3510000
02200010 E20C1002
E3510000 02200080
E2031B02 E3510000
02200020 E2031B01
E3510000 02200040
E3833B03 E20C1010
E3510000 02200001
E20C1080 E3510000
02200002 E20C1040
E3510000 02233B01
E20C1020 E3510000
02233B02 E1A0C000
EA011714 00000000
D2000000 00000000


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