The Legend of Zelda: Phantom of Hourglass Button Mapping Hack

*Project Discontinued...*

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Recent version

Background of the Hack

        The game was purely dependent to Touch Screen Input. It execute on a specific attack/function depends on where, when and how the gamer made its tapping.

        What this hack do is to emulate the touch screen and make the game thinks that you tap the screen on certain location thus making the appropriate desired effect like moving, rolling, etc,. with just pressing a button.

        The method was based on the first patch made by namahanka for japanese version of the game and still use on the updated hack for US and Europe with a little modification to add some function other that moving like rolling, side slash and spin attack. And possible in future to add some attack like Target Attack and thrusting.

        I initially made this hack for Action Replay DS code but found that it can also apply in ROM.

Attack and other button mapping progress:

  1. Move in Different Direction using D-PAD - *added fully working*
  2. Spin Slash - *added fully working* mapped on X button
  3. Rolling - *added* but only left and right rolling
  4. Side Slash - *added* only on v0.50beta but older patch can use the LEFT-LEFTDOWN-DOWN etc.
  5. Thrusting - *not added* I might not add it unless I find a way to shorten the patch
  6. Target Attacking - *not fully supported * but can be done if the enemy  is far from link, read this for info
  7. Talking to NPC - *not fully supported * but can be done if the NPC/non-playable character is far from link, read this for info
  8. Picking an item - *not fully supported* but can be done if the object is far from link, read this for info
  9. Throwing an item- *added fully working* press one direction twice

Acknowledgement and Credit goes to:



For Left-handed Gamer

For Right-handed Gamer

Action Replay DS Code

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